Friday, July 8, 2011

Selling Our House

So we have had our house on the market to sell since April and we really haven't had a lot of lookers.  We have had one low ball offer and a few open houses.  I am getting quite discouraged since we now have two brand new houses being built in our neighborhood.  If they are done quickly, they will most likely sell before our house does.  There are 2 other houses in the neighborhood for sale besides ours and one of them has been on the market for quite a bit longer than ours has.  Houses seemed to be moving fast when we put our house on the market, but we are now moving into our 4th month and I'm feeling like we are never going to sell.

When my two good friends moved away last year it took one 8 months and the other a few months shorter.  So I guess I shouldn't start worrying until we hit 6 or 7 months.  I was just kinda hoping that we would be out of the house a few months before we moved.  We are now on the downhill side and getting closer to our move date.  It's going to be crazy getting everything packed up, sold or given away before we leave. 

I still have to figure out how we are going to get the stuff we are taking with us, up to Alaska.  We are debating a road trip with all three of us, but it may turn out that David will have to do the drive by himself and Jack and I will fly.  I would like to do it as a family and then take the ferry up.  But if Jack doesn't start to enjoy the car a little... okay a lot more, then we will be flying.  5 days in the car with a screaming kid is not a recipe for a good time. 

Well I suppose I should get off here and get a few chores done around the house, just in case we have a showing this weekend.  It sure would be nice to not have to be ready for showings all the time.  Send me good vibes and house buyer would you please. 

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