Friday, February 11, 2011

Week #6 Organizing - The Everything Closet

So I have been slowly working on getting my EVERYTHING closet organized.  It has everything in it.  Car stuff, tools, sewing, crafts, decorations for inside and out, cake decorating, cook out stuff, computer stuff, paper stuff, pictures, and gift wrap.  So as I said, it's my EVERYTHING closet.

                                         Before Picture (Can I just say... this is embarrassing!)

This week I went and got 6 clear bins with lids and divided up some of my stuff that was all over the place.  So now I have the following:

Scrap fabric Bin

Baby Project Bin

Fabric Bin

Decorations Bin

Paper Craft Bin

Assorted Crafts Bin

I also have new cookie cutters that I got for Christmas.  The box of them was 101 cookie cutters.  I already had a few, so I got a pink bin for them.  I also had several small shoe size clear bins that I emptied or had on hand.  I used them for my cake decorating stuff, which is becoming a bit overwhelming.

                                         After Picture (Still more to be done, but a great start)

The closet is not where I would like it to be, but it is much better.  There is much more room in the closet now, and I could probably set my sewing machine back up in there.  Anyways, more improvements to be made, but that is what I could accomplish this week with an 8 month old tagging along and emptying my bins as I filled them.  Oh, what fun it is to think you have finished one thing to only turn around and realize it is all over the floor again.  The joys of having children.  Never a dull moment.

Have a great weekend and happy organizing.

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