Friday, April 8, 2011

Week #14 - Getting Ready for A Yard Sale

So this past week I have been cleaning and purging our stuff.  I have been reorganizing my once cleaned out, organized, presentable closets and made one closet the yard sale pile.  Well, I do have a huge pile in the attic as well, but that one has been growing up there for a few months.  So here is the nice clean closet...

And here is the now messy one, ready to have things priced and sold.  Most importantly gone from my house forever!!

 Bottom of the closet - Some of these things we are keeping, but I don't have room for them anywhere else in the house right now.

If anyone has any good ideas for getting everything in here priced and ready for my yard sale at the end of the month, your ideas are welcomed.  There will be more next week on why I am doing this major clean out.  But that is for the next post.  I'll have to just leave you in suspense and wanting to come back and read more.  Thanks for getting me motivated to start organizing my home.  It has made things easier, as we start on our new adventure. 

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  1. Get some little sticky things and start writing prices on them. The picture of Jack is priceless!