Friday, April 22, 2011

Week #16 - Keeping The House In Order

With the house up for sale, trying to organize for a yard sale, and having a baby getting into everything... it's nearly impossible to keep the house in order for it to be shown.  Luckily or you could say unluckily we have only had one showing, and that was for the Realtors.  I'm finding it very hard to live our daily life and keep the house in a some what clean and presentable manor in case I am called for a showing.  It's wearing me out.

I have to say that my awesome son Jack has gotten back on a good schedule this week and is taking some good naps during the day.  This is helping me with some clean up and also giving me a few minutes to myself.  While I have no pictures to share today, I have managed to price everything that was in the closet and next week I will have pictures to show you of all the stuff I have in the attic that is going in the yard sale one week from tomorrow.  Thanks for keeping me going.

I just wish I could start laying it out and getting it more organized this weekend.  Oh did I mention that following our yard sale on Saturday, we have an open house on Sunday.  So, I am going to be a crazy lady and try and sell as much stuff as possible.  If that means I have to shove stuff in peoples car or beg them to take it with them, so be it.  Hehehe.  Well I am off to do the dishes and wash diapers.  Oh the joys of a SAHM.  I'm sure Jack will be up soon and then we are off to the grocery store.

Ok, so I couldn't post without a picture and I just love this one.  They are trying to escape and I just thought it was too cute not to get a picture.    


  1. Adorable photo! I am already a crazy lady by the way. Renovating two homes at once, packing, cleaning, decluttering, organizing, getting ready to move in the near future and working full time - and all with two teenage boys, a college daughter, a husband and 5 cats! No wonder I'm crazy!! I'm a new follower :-)

  2. I so want a German Shepherd. Okay my advice is schedule a charity to pick up your rummage sale leftovers. We have several in the area that will do it. Good luck and hang in there!