Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Money Saving Tips

Since leaving my part time job and starting my mobile gym, money has been a little tight.  Anyone who knows anything about starting a business knows that it will take time to really get things going.  Add a newborn to the mix of things and you really have a lot on your plate.  I started using coupons about a year ago.  I have progressively gotten better at it and enjoy the challenge.  Since posting several of my finds and massive savings on Facebook, I have had some friends ask if I will teach them what I am doing.  So, I am going to start a blog series called Money Saving Tips.  Most of them will be about groceries and meal planning.  But I'm sure I will have some other things to add as well.

Let me also say that, I did not learn all of this on my own.  Rather, I learned these things from other fantastic women who have shared their money saving journey with others.  I will post great web sites for you to use, books I have read, and places I get my coupons.  I hope you have fun challenging yourself to save money.  I know I do every month!!!  Leave comments, questions, or anything else below.  I will answer them as quickly as I can.

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