Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where To Find Recipes

So everyone is asking... where do you find your recipes?  I find them all over the place.  I have some from magazines, some from cookbooks, some from the internet, others from the back of a box or jar.  I also have some favorites from friends.  Last year my two neighbors and I decided for Christmas we would exchange recipes.  I got recipe cards and we all traded them around.  It was practically free and so much fun.  We all wrote down about 7 to 10 of our favorites and I have them in a book now.  I regularly cook at least one of each of their recipes a month now.

To start you off I am going to give you some great places to look and also post a few of my favorites. or her magazine
Some have a few too many ingredients for my taste, but I try to always cook a new recipe exactly the way it is written.  Then if we liked it, I change it up a little to make it easier for the next time and sometimes add things we like to it.

He has great easy recipes, of which I am trying several this month.  So far, we have loved all of them.
I don't know about you, but I love crescent rolls and biscuits.  With coupons and sales you can get them crazy cheap.  If you look on the Pillsbury website they have some great recipes.

I love Sandra Lee Semi Homemade, Rachel Ray, Paula Dean, and Pampered Chef.

Loved Ones
I truly believe that the best recipes come from friends and family.  So when you are looking for something new and fun to cook, send out an email or ask around for a recipe or two.

Remember that you don't have to put everything into your recipe.  If it looks good except for the olives, or mushrooms, or celery, just don't put them in.

Good luck and have fun cooking!!


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