Friday, May 6, 2011

The Clean Out Has Begun

With the yard sale completed and our first open house done, we are officially on the road to packing up and moving.  We sold so many things last weekend and really made a dent in our attic.  I still think we have quite a bit of thinning out to do before moving, but for our first sale we did awesome.  I have a few things on right now.  But for now, we still have until the end of the year before we move, which means we still need everything we are currently using but not taking.

For example: The TV, couch, bedroom set, one bed, desk end tables, coffee table, one of our cars and a few other small things will need to be sold as we get closer to our move date.  But for now, if you can imagine a very full attic, now half empty... you would be as excited as I am right now.

Happy Weekend to everyone and hope you are continuing to organize and clean your way to a happier you.  Thanks so for helping me stay on track.  You are going to make this move so much easier.

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