Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Menu Planning Week of May 16

Monday - Spaghetti, Fruit, Homemade Rolls

Tuesday - Chimichangas, Corn, and Rice

Wednesday - Quesedillas, and Leftovers

Thursday - Mikaela's Pasta (this is my sisters recipe.  Lots of veggies, pasta and a cream sauce)

Friday - Pizza night and any leftovers

Saturday - Grilling out with friends

If you don't know this about me, I like to do easy and new stuff during the week. I almost always do Spaghetti on Mondays.  Sometimes it's baked, has chicken instead of ground meat, or I use fun pasta instead of spaghetti noodles.  But it's always spaghetti.  Fridays, are always pizza night.  Most of the time it's a frozen pizza, sometimes we make it from scratch, but this is the best night to eat up leftovers and also have a night off from cooking all week.  This week, I am not trying out a new recipe.  There is a new Farmer's Market going on for the summer on Wednesdays and I am going to go check it out on Wednesday.  Hopefully they will have some great veggies for Thursday's dinner and something I can take to grill out or make a salad for Saturday.

Have a great week everyone!  Next week is our California trip.  I can't wait.

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