Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bathroom Breaks

So it occurred to me yesterday that I hadn't gone pee for hours even though I needed to.  I realized that every time I tried there was something else that was taking priority.  Switching over the laundry, soothing a crying baby, answering the phone, eating and so on.  Then as I finally made it to the bathroom and sat down I started to laugh a little.  I knew I only had a few seconds before Jack started screaming because he couldn't see me so I better hurry.  Except that nothing would come out.  I didn't need to pee any more.  Grrr... I know I have to go I have been holding it forever.  So the next thought that came to mind was my good friend who used to ask me soon after I walked in the door if I would watch the kids for a minute while she went to the bathroom.  I always thought this was funny since I didn't have any children of my own at the time.  I of course always said yes, the kids went on with what they were doing and I supervised.  Now I understand.  Now that I am a mom I understand that getting to go to the bathroom is more of a privilege than a right.  And then when you finally get to go, most of the time there is going to be an audience.

My husband asked me one night to take Jack because he had to go pee and all I could think is "no way, take him with you.  That's what I have to do."  Don't get me wrong I love my son like there is no tomorrow, but sometimes I just need a few minutes to myself.  So I joked for a few minutes with him and finally took Jack.  But, it made me wonder how my husband would do by himself all day long with Jack.  Anyways, I'm sure every mommy and daddy has their funny stories about going potty or needing to go, but I just had to share mine.  

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