Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New to Everything

So I stumbled upon the whole Twitter thing because I wanted to win a new cloth diaper cover for my son.  There was going to be a Twitter Party... whatever that was and I wanted in.  Since I am a new mom and don't have time for learning anything new right now, I quickly took the few mintues I had and signed up for a Twitter account and followed the instructions to RSVP, yes I said RSVP to a Twitter party.  Kind of silly I thought as I proceeded to do it.  Then I did all the extra things to get more chances to win the diaper cover.  The next night, I logged in, tweeted and low and behold between putting the little one to bed and all the fussing I won!!  It's amazing what will get you excited when you stay at home all day with a newborn and try to wait patiently  for your better half to get home.  Okay, I'm the better half but I thought I would be nice.  The next thing I new I was finding people to follow on Twitter and waiting for new Twitter parties to be posted so I could win more stuff.

As the title reads "new to everything" I am recently new to being alone.  Alone in the terms of my two closest friends who lived next door and three doors down have moved far, far away.  Both within a month of each other.  So now here I sit reading tweets and blogs and playing with my little guy all day.  Oh and don't forget trying to get laundry, cloth diapers washed, cook dinner, feed the dog... need I go on.  So this thought occurred in my head that I have time for one more thing in my life, right?  Maybe this will be a good way to feel as though I am connected to the world as I embark on this new adventure of being a MOM. 

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