Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cloth Diapers v. Disposable Diapers

Once again it's diaper day, meaning time to wash my awesome Softbums cloth diapers.  So many people gave me such a hard time when I decided I was going to use cloth instead of disposable.  But I had done my research and knew that being a stay at home mom we were going to have to cut back on our expenses.  So for any of you that are hell bent on sticking with your disposable diapers and throwing away money every time you change your child go ahead and stick to your guns.  But if you think for one second that cloth diapering is harder, more expensive, or bad for your washing machine... think again. 

We have been cloth diapering Jack since he was a week and a half old.  We couldn't start right away because he came out a boy.  Meaning we had him circumcised like so many other little boys and couldn't use the cloth diapers until that healed up.  Anyways, during that week and a half we had so many, shall we say explosions, leaks, and yes a diaper rash.  We then went on our first family trip at 6 weeks old and had to use disposables again and we had a terrible time with them.  Leaks, explosions, a really bad diaper rash and we used over 90 diapers just for that week.  So needless to say we hate disposable diapers.  Even my husband LOVES using cloth diapers.  He doesn't love the few covers I have bought with snaps but overall he loves them.  We have only had one or two explosions and never had a leaking diaper.  Jack hasn't had a diaper rash since we stopped using the disposables and we are both happier because of it.

Now you might ask how expensive it is but in reality we are spending less because cloth is reusable.  My diaper stash was all gifted to us but costs about $375.  Now when you think about that, yes it's a lot up front, but over time you disposable families are spending a lot more.  As for washing them, once I got into the routine and know I need to throw them into the wash every other day and hang them to dry, it can't get any easier than that.  We never run out of diapers and have to run to the store at ten o'clock at night, we don't have crazy diaper rashes, and I know Jack is comfortable in cloth rather than the plastic/paper disposable diaper. 

So if you are still second guessing it all that's okay.  But if you think for one second you might want to try it, what's the harm.  Spend the $30 on a try me pack and see how you like them.

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