Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Breastfeeding in Public

Ever since I started the Twitter thing I feel like the breastfeeding topic is all over the place.  Or maybe it's because I am a breastfeeding mom and feel very passionately about the subject.  I feel breastfeeding in general is not talked about enough.  Women should feel comfortable feeding their children wherever they are without the fear of someone saying something to them.  I feel fortunate enough to have grown up with a good role model.  A mom who breastfeed anywhere and it wasn't a big deal.  I feel the same way but find it surprising how many women out there want to go and hide what should be one of the most natural things in this world.  Women are made to have babies and they are made to be able to feed them.  I think that we should stand together and help all breastfeeding moms feel comfortable enough to feed their child wherever and whenever they need to.

I have to say I am not big on the capes, use of blankets, or other contraptions to hide your boob or the baby.  I can't see what I am doing or what the baby is doing.  So I have spent a good bit of time looking for nursing tank tops and shirts that have easy access without reveling a whole lot of my skin.  I am pleased to report that after nursing for 3 months now, people have to ask me if my son is still nursing or if he is asleep when I am nursing around friends or family.  If you have any questions about what I wear let me know.  We are a single income family so spending a lot of money on a nursing wardrobe was not in the budget.  So if you need some ideas for a budget friendly wardrobe while you are nursing, I would be happy to help. 

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