Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shower Time

Showering used to be something I did to wake up in the morning and feel good before I started my day.  It wasn't something that I longed for or felt passionate about... it was just a part of the day to get cleaned up and move on with whatever else needed to be done.  Now that there is a baby in my life sometimes I plan my whole day around when I might get to take a shower.  Sometimes I can sneak one in during a short little nap, other times I set up the swing or exerciser for him to play in... but of course I still have to play peek-a-boo, sing, or do something so that he knows I am still there.  Which of course makes for a very cold and un-enjoyable shower.  Sometimes, I can't wait for Saturday morning, when I know my hubby will be home and I can take as long of a shower as I want.  No baby crying right outside of the shower who wants my attention.  Ahh, the little things that we look forward to after becoming a mom. 

1 comment:

  1. SO true!! Me now being a Mom of 3 young kids ... it can sometimes be an embarrassing amount of time before i can shower. 2 days ago i had to bring all of them in there with me ... whew!