Friday, September 17, 2010

Why Does Everything Change All At Once?

So life was about to change forever with the arrival of my baby.  June 1st 2010 my son arrived and I thought all was right in the world.  I had a wonderful husband, a beautiful baby boy, two awesome friends who lived within walking distance, and we were all going to be staying home with our kids.  Yes, this was going to be perfect!  My friends and I could hang out during the day, take the kids on outings, decorate cookies during the holidays, and have our weekly or semi weekly Friday night dinners together.  Life was good!

Then it all changed in what seemed to be the snap of my fingers.  I think Jack was a week old, maybe two when one of my best-friends in the whole world and next door neighbor informed me that her husband had found a new job and would be moving in six weeks.  My first thought was this is a joke.  What happened to all of our plans, what happened to my perfect situation of having a support system already in place for this new adventure of being a mom?  Who was I supposed to run to when I needed help?  But then I snapped out of it and told myself I would be fine, I still have one more awesome friend and she is only three houses away.  We still have cars so we can visit each other and life will go on.  But then just a few weeks later as we are all on vacation together, my other friend informs me that they too will be moving because her husband had found a new job.  All I could think is... WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?!

So here I sit both of my friends have moved away and I am still here.  Making new friends sucks and it's even harder when you have a newborn.  So what now?  What do I do with my time?  I play with my son, we nap, talk on the phone when we can find someone to talk with... or he isn't screaming in the phone, we cook when I have the energy, nap as much as possible, nursing takes up a lot of the day as well and cook dinner hopefully before my husband gets home.  But these wonderful days of spending the whole day with my son and no other interaction with adults is starting to get to me.  Don't get me wrong I love Jack will all my being, but I need some adult conversation/contact.  So I guess I will continue my hunt in trying to find new friends in a place I have lived for over three years.  It's pretty sad when I have really only made two good friends and both of them move away within weeks of each other.

Moving on is hard.  It's even harder when you don't want to.  But I suppose with change comes good things and bad.  I guess I should start looking for the good in all this change and find something positive to focus on.  This blog has been something good in all this change.  If my friends hadn't moved away, I would never have thought to start one.  It's an outlet for my day to day thoughts and a way to connect with others.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

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  1. I miss you too!!!! I know it doesn't make you feel any better, but you haven't been replaced. Mice don't make for good neighbors. I miss my house and our street. It's so hard meeting new people. I even miss Asia because the kids always wanna play with people's dogs and I don't know if they are safe. Remember, I am only a phone call away and I will be there if you need me. See you Sunday!!