Sunday, December 5, 2010

Flying With Jack

Back in late October, I flew across country to celebrate my sisters birthday.  At the time my son was 5 months old and this was his first time flying.  I have to say I was a tad bit nervous flying by myself with him.  I wasn't sure if he was going to be a crying mess or the perfect child.  As we said good bye to my husband and boarded the plane, Jack was smiling at everyone, and the passengers were all giving me the evil eye.  Yes, I knew what they were thinking.  Damn, a baby on our plane at 6am!!  This is going to suck!  However, before we even took off, Jack was sleeping in my arms.  No crying, no fussing, just a peaceful baby.  He slept almost the entire way to the West Coast.  He woke up a few times to eat, be changed, and of course smile at anyone who would pay attention.

Once we arrived with no mishaps, I was feeling pretty good.  I had made it from the East Coast to the West Coast, by myself.  We managed to get to baggage claim, find our bag and car seat without any issues.  We changed another diaper... something abut flying made for a constant diaper change.  Then we were off to wait for my Mom to pick us up.

A few days later, it was time to make the trip home.  However, this time I had to drive in rush hour traffic to the airport with a baby who hates the car.  Drop off the rental, get on the bus to the airport with a baby, stroller, huge rolling bag, diaper bag, and car seat.  But guess what.... we did it!  We made it through check-in, security, and getting breakfast without any craziness.  We did have an explosion that morning... with the disposable diaper.  I had to change all his clothing and diaper before getting on the plane.  But, I have to say I was please with myself and how much I had accomplished by myself.  I was feeling as if I could do anything at that point.

As we were waiting for our plane, I was nursing Jack as I always do.  I do so without a cover, but discretely.  I feel that nursing covers draw more attention to me and I can't see what Jack is doing.  Anyways, I had on my scarf to cover any skin that might show and his middle aged lady sat down next to us.  She struck up a conversation with me and said, "It's so cool how many things they have out now to make nursing in public so easy."  It was funny and caught me off guard because I had never had anyone say something to me while nursing.  But it made me feel good that I was nursing him and it wasn't a big deal to anyone.

We boarded our plane to fly home, Jack nursed to sleep and we were once again flying with no problems.  I do have to say that the lady sitting across from us with two little girls was having a hard time.  Her kids were screaming up a storm.  I felt really bad for her, but I was also irritated as well.  My child was sleeping right through it, but I just couldn't fall asleep with two screaming kids across the isle.  Anyways, we made it home, no issues and Jack was awesome!  Hopefully flying early next year will be just as easy.

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