Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm not the problem, he is

So my husband and I were talking this morning about the difference between his new electric razor and his old one that is dying.  In the middle of our conversation, I asked him if he was going to throw away the old one, now that he received a new one for Christmas.  He said no.  It would be a good one for traveling.  Now, if you were paying attention earlier, I told you the old one is dying.  So why if he has a new one and disposable razors, would he keep the old electric razor? 

You want to know why?  Because he is a saver!!!  He keeps everything and I finally realized this morning, he is the reason we have too much stuff in this house.  I am a tosser.  I clean out and toss things everyday.  I am constantly cleaning out my closet and passing clothes down to my sister and mom.  I get rid of stuff I not longer use and drop them off at the Good Will.  But my husband keeps EVERYTHING.

Another example is the vacuum.  Until a few weeks ago I had never bought a vacuum.  I know that seems crazy.  But when I moved out on my own, my room mates always had a vacuum and then when I moved out on my own, my boyfriend who is now my husband let me borrow his vacuum.  Anyways, long story made short I just bought my first vacuum after being married over 3 years.  Our vacuum my husband brought into the marriage just wasn't doing the job.  So when I bought the new one, I went to put the old one in the trash and my husband told me not to.  I asked him what he was going to do with it and he said someone might want it.  I wonder to myself... "WHO wants a vacuum that doesn't do a very good job and smells like DOG?"  Not me, that's why I got a new vacuum. 

So now that old vacuum sits in the attic taking up precious room.  One day I will get to finally throw it away, I just don't know when that day will be.  Probably when we move out of this house.  So, are you  a keeper or a tosser?  Dose your significant other help or hinder your ability to keep the house clean and cutter free? 

This morning was eye opening for me.  I know what I am working against and it will make things easier for me in the future to know that my husband will fight me in throwing things out.  It will also change the way I clean out.  I'll have to do it when he is at work, then there will be less arguing... hehehe.  Hope you enjoy finding out who the problem is in your house, and happy cleaning.

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